High-Volume Hiring – ERE

Whether as a result of a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or just rapid growth, companies quite often need to ramp up their hiring efforts quickly. But high-volume and high-growth hiring requires an entirely different set of tools and strategies than traditional recruiting. It's actually a lot more similar to a retail promotion or a store opening than it is to everyday recruiting. So start

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The Most Common Hiring Methods Don’t Work – ERE

(1 days ago) In addition, their validity ranges from 0.39 for low complexity jobs to 0.56 for high complexity jobs — meaning their predictive validity is more accurate the more complex the job is. Work-sample tests. To test if a candidate will be good at work – give them a sample of the actual work to do. It’s a simple idea, but a very effective one.

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The Problem With Entry-Level Job Postings – ERE

(2 days ago) Guess how much recruiters cared about that when I was applying to entry-level jobs. Zero, if you’re wondering. Because I was an entry-level candidate, I was qualified to sell radio ads, Ponzi schemes, or get ridiculously low pay for what companies call a management program. Reading the job postings was an exercise in despair.

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Mandating Vaccination for New Hires – ERE

(1 days ago) The EEOC’s reasoning has already been tested in court. Just last week, a Houston-based hospital won a case against 178 employees who had sued after they were informed they would lose their jobs if they did not get vaccinated. The employees argued that they were being treated like …

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T-Shaped People, Jobs, and Recruiting – ERE

(6 days ago) T-Shaped People, Jobs, and Recruiting. By Kevin Wheeler February 11, 2010. July 23, 2015. Recruiting is about to be forced to start looking for people and assessing them in very different ways than they have. The nature of organizations is transforming right under our noses, but most of us are too deep in the forest to see what is happening.

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4 Bold Predictions for the Workforce of 2030 – ERE

(5 days ago) If programs are not adequately preparing students for the jobs of the future, then students may graduate with “useless” degrees. But there’s more going on here. Consider the student debt problem — $1.53 trillion and climbing, with the average student loan borrower carrying a $38,000 debt load (a $20,000 increase from 13 years ago).

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What Motivates a Great Recruiter

(3 days ago) Is it that our jobs are different every day so we don’t do well as routine, 8-to-5 pencil-pushers? If you are a recruiter and you work 8-5, you ain’t great. Don’t waste your time reading the rest of this, go get some certification and get a job taking teller applications at a small bank.

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Recruiting According to Steve Jobs – ERE

(5 days ago) As Steve Jobs would say if you asked him about recruiting: Screw sourcing. Maximize quality of hire. Become a great recruiter. Tweet. Share. Share. Lou Adler. Lou Adler is the CEO and founder of The Adler Group – a training and search firm …

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Jobiak Is Here to Get Your Postings on Google for Jobs – ERE

(2 days ago) Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you know Google for Jobs is a big deal. By sending job seekers directly to openings from Google's search results instead of, say, the homepage of a job board, the world's most popular search engine has changed how everyone -- job boards and direct employers alike thinks about marketing open positions. Startup Jobiak thinks it has a

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Coronavirus-Related Jobs Are Percolating – ERE

(1 days ago) One resource to track jobs related to the virus comes from the software provider HiringSolved. The company’s Coronavirus Job Postings site tracks coronavirus-related posts on a daily basis. It further allows you to view trends by job category, location, …

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What the Hell Does Do Now That Google for Jobs

(1 days ago) had to know this day would come. After much speculation, Google for Jobs was officially announced last week. As rumored, Google will start serving job listings within the organic results of its popular search engine. Although it's early, millions of job seekers who start their search at Google will find comfort staying there, just like they do for images and news, and as a result

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Recruiting the Recruiter – ERE

(5 days ago) Having found jobs elsewhere, many may never enter the profession again. In the interim, organizations made do. They used HR generalists and others for recruiting issues and were very hesitant to restore the recruiting teams and infrastructure of the glory days. Or, they just left hiring managers to do whatever they needed to do to be successful.

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10 Outside-the-Box Wacky Ideas for Hiring Better People – ERE

(6 days ago) If the jobs directly tie to the company strategy, all the better. This whole process is called job branding. Now consider this: the Corporate Executive Board’s Recruiting Roundtable has shown that job branding is one of the two most important things you must do to hire top people. Don’t forget, though, that you must call these people within

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Emerging Jobs: Are You Ready for Tomorrow’s Work

(7 days ago) Technology in its broadest sense, along with discovery, is the driver of new work and jobs. Each new discovery, every new software tool or programming language, every new product creates new jobs and requires new skills. As people began to unearth bones as they plowed fields in England, the science of paleontology emerged. As computers grew, so did the number and type of computer …

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Stop Using ‘Exciting,’ ‘Growth,’ and ‘Motivated’ in Job

(2 days ago) I ran the same search on Indeed and found more than 110,000 jobs. The phrase “highly motivated” returned about 119,000 jobs, while searching for the word “exciting” delivered 300,000-plus jobs, and “exciting opportunity” returned more than 49,000. Now, perhaps your company really does offer professional growth and an exciting

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Ready or Not, Google for Jobs Launches Today – ERE

(5 days ago) “Looking for jobs is a personal and complex journey, and one that we are trying to support in this new search experience.” Job search is the next step in Google’s march toward gaining marketshare in what’s becoming a very competitive landscape of very large tech companies.

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Why Would You Want to Be a Recruiter

(7 days ago) Recruiting is a strange profession. It's one of those jobs that you 'fall into' but rarely ever think about doing when you are a student. In fact, in an informal survey I took recently of nine corporate recruiters, one had been an actress prior to starting as a recruiter, three had been business people with degrees in finance or management, two had been engineers, one had been a teacher, one

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COVID-19 Will Create Demand for (and Shortage of

(7 days ago) COVID-19 Will Create Demand for (and Shortage of) Manufacturing Jobs. By Raghav Singh March 26, 2020. March 25, 2020. In just a few weeks, the coronavirus has come to dominate the news, crash the stock market, and bring us to the verge of a recession. The pullback in economic activity will slow the pace of hiring in the immediate future, but

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The Role of the Hiring Manager in Recruiting – ERE

(5 days ago) Hourly is a mobile-first recruiting platform, designed to help organizations engage and hire hourly workers faster. We've streamlined the entire hiring process into a single conversation on a mobile device - hourly job seekers can explore, apply, qualify and self-schedule an interview in just minutes - and then prepare for their interview and accept an offer all in the same experience.

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How to Create Better Job Titles – ERE

(2 days ago) Around 2009, some companies got a great idea that they would create unique job titles. Witty, right? These job titles would be ultra-unique and use hip buzzwords to differentiate their company from another company down the street with the same idea and open requisition. I'm making this origin story up. I genuinely don't know what happened around 2009, right before the bubble burst. If you …

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3 Hiring Tech Challenges for Post-Pandemic Talent

(2 days ago) Well, it was somewhat nice while it lasted, right? For recruiters — at least the ones who kept their jobs and weren’t in the industries that were hit hardest by Covid-19 — a temporary hiring advantage in the wake of massive unemployment was a change of pace. I’d say some employers got, dare I say, comfortable with it. I saw a few recruiters even lamenting the number of applications

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The Top 20 Reasons Why Recruiting Is an Exciting and High

(9 days ago) If you’re interested in excitement, here are eight reasons to consider a job in recruiting. The competition is exciting — if you are competitive, as a recruiter you will realize that filling each job is a head-to-head competition that can be energizing.Every day you are competing against recruiters who represent powerhouse firms like Google, Apple, and IBM.

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The Top 25 Benchmark Firms In Recruiting and Talent

(3 days ago) Forget Cisco, this is the benchmark firm that recruiters should be talking about. General Electric. Long recognized as “the” benchmark firm when it comes to building a performance culture, GE wins hands down as having the best overall talent management strategy. They prioritize jobs and focus on “game changers.”.

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How to Recruit Walk-ins and Why ‘We’re Hiring’ Banners Don

(2 days ago) Choose HireClix . Choose HireClix. The message and the results could be improved if the banner included phrases indicating that the multi-openings were strictly a result of rapid company growth e.g. “because of rapid company growth, we now have openings in all positions.”. Or alternatively if the banner included the phrase “After a hiring

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How to Promote LGBTQ Equality in Your Recruitment Process

(8 days ago) In order to attract top talent (regardless of gender or sexual identity), and be on the right side of history, it’s imperative that recruiters and hiring managers take deliberate measures to advocate for LGBTQ equality. Ensuring that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer job seekers feel safe and inclined to apply to a company does

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The Ultimate Recruiting Story: Part 2 — The Recruiter’s

(Just Now) The Ultimate Recruiting Story: Part 2 — The Recruiter’s Perspective. By Eric Pliner March 11, 2020. March 3, 2020. Editor’s Note: This is the second of two articles that tells the story of what recruitment can and should look like. You can read the first part here, which features the story from the candidate’s perspective.

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The Top 12 Reasons Why Slow Hiring Severely Damages

(4 days ago) The Top 12 Reasons Why Slow Hiring Severely Damages Recruiting and Business Results. By Dr. John Sullivan April 21, 2014. July 23, 2015. A candidate from a well-known benchmark firm dropped out of our search for a General Manager position because the hiring manager took a week to respond to his interest. He said….

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How We Are Failing Autistic Job Seekers and What You Can

(9 days ago) If you are familiar with the topic of autism and the workplace, you’ve likely noted that extensive time and energy is dedicated to the way in which an autistic job seeker can change their presentation style in effort to get hired.I was recently contacted by a job candidate on the autism spectrum who wrote: As I read through your article, I thought about my (vocational) counselor.

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Insights from a Nurse Recruiter – ERE

(2 days ago) Posting jobs and pulling resumes off of job boards can help fill jobs every now and then, but recruiting from the Internet alone will spell failure for you in the long run. Back to Basics To be a successful nurse recruiter, you need to get back to the recruiting …

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How Prioritization Can Maximize HR’s Business

(4 days ago) Prioritizing jobs, individuals, and business units can also increase productivity, innovation, and profits. By providing a faster and higher-quality response to high-impact jobs and individuals, you would get a moderately higher return than when you spread your resources evenly and a much higher return than when you focus your resources on the

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What Should We Do About Algorithmic Bias in Hiring

(1 days ago) Eric Sydell is the EVP of innovation at Modern Hire, where he oversees all research and product innovation initiatives, including the data science-focused Labs team.He is passionate about applying machine learning, and deep learning in particular, to candidate data to match candidates with career opportunities more effectively.

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How Recruiters Can Create Successful Partnerships With

(1 days ago) Meet with hiring managers to get to know their experience and comfort level with the hiring process. Build a relationship with them. Educate them as a peer on the state of the talent market, what the market competition is, and what they can do to shift their mindset to one where they sell the candidate on the great opportunity to work for the company and more specifically, for them.

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